success strategies for business success strategies for business
success strategies for business
success strategies for business success strategies for business
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Patricia, you are awesome! Many of our members commented on how much they enjoyed (and needed) your presentation. The concepts you shared were simple and easy to implement so all of us have no excuse for living with less stress! Thank you for all the energy you brought to the group. -- David Bush
Programs Chairperson,
National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisers - Inland Empire



Brown Bag Seminars


This series of free one-hour seminars is a complimentary opportunity for you to experience our knowledge level and presentation style. We provide rich content, handouts and information you can walk away with and begin using immediately to expedite success in a verity of areas.   


Setting Legacy Goals:
Most goal setting programs focus on one to five year goals. This unique program looks to the long term to set goals that will really make a difference in your life, your business and the world.

You cannot be successful without good health. We will empower you and your group to put fitness and wellness back into life and to develop habits that produce success in all areas of life.

Success Strategies for People on the Go:
In this fast paced world, people need skills to keep life balanced more than ever. This talk will provide participants with success strategies that are the foundation for success in every area. Simple, but powerful mental, emotional, and behavioral techniques will be presented, with an opportunity to practice them. Participants will feel empowered to apply these techniques immediately to achieve greater success and more balance in their lives.

Reducing Stress is an Inside Job:
If you're feeling stressed out, overloaded and overworked, this is will be a well spent hour. You'll learn how to sustain a stress-reduced life in a stressful world.

Wellness in the Workplace:
Motivating employees to make positive choices for health can save companies millions of dollars. This session will offer employees and employers simple ideas to implement that will result in a healthier workforce.



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