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Additional information
about the Meditation and Guided Imagery course.

 This powerful course:

  • Answers the questions: What is meditation?  Why do it?

  • Provides essential guidelines and steps for practicing meditation regularly.

  • Teaches you how to meditate, with actual audio clips that guide you.

  • Inspires you with the vast array of benefits from a meditation practice.

  • Identifies the difference between meditation, guided imagery, and visualization.

  • Shows you how to make life changes using imagery, including a guided meditation.

  • Guides you in imagery for healing disease.

  •  Shows you how to balance the chakras and feel their energy fields.

  • Cites research on how meditation helps you the individual AND the planet.

Additional information about the Creating Wealth course:

This life transforming course:

  • Empowers you in your relationship with money and other forms of prosperity by releasing limiting beliefs and practicing new ways of thinking about prosperity

  • Provides assessments that create insights for you in how you currently deal with money on the practical, emotional, and spiritual levels

  • Assists you in developing new or improved skills for accepting the prosperity of the Universe that is just waiting for you to receive it

  • Assists you in deepening your Trust in the flow of Universal abundance

  •  Inspire you with the unlimited possibilities in your life; to help you identify your life's purpose and the work that would express that purpose most effectively

  •  Supports you in creating your "new story" about prosperity.






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