success strategies for business success strategies for business
success strategies for business
success strategies for business success strategies for business
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Stress Management Training & Certification Program - San Diego



Learn how to set yourself up for success...

Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen
Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen: The Essential Guide to Powerul, Nourishing Affirmations

A wonderful new book from Patricia Crane, PhD.


On behalf of the Pfizer La Jolla Women's Network, I personally thank you again for making our first monthly event of the new year a success! A wonderful start for LJWN 2005 activities, made possible by your engaging, informative and entertaining presentation. From the many positive comments afterwards, you met the success need of our Pfizer colleagues, who are definitely always on the go.
Best regards,
Selwyna Tetangco, Coordinator


Keynotes, Workshops and Seminars by:

Patricia Crane, Ph.D. &  Rick Nichols

Motivation, Inspiration & Training to improve:

Stress Management



Coping with Change


Presentation Skills

We know how to speak to busy professionals and understand the challenges that you face.

The following programs can be customized for your situation. Each seminar includes a workbook for al attendees. All of our programs offer a money back guarantee if you and your company are not completely satisfied.

Success Strategies for Life and Business:
Understanding and eliminating roadblocks to success. Participants learn how to create support for their personal and professional vision along with a unique goal setting approach that is extremely powerful. This program is available onsite or as an offsite retreat.

Success Strategies for People on the Go: (Keynote)
In this fast paced world, people need skills to keep life balanced more than ever. This talk will provide participants with success strategies that are the foundation for success in every area. Simple, but powerful mental, emotional, and behavioral techniques will be presented, with an opportunity to practice them. Participants will feel empowered to apply these techniques immediately to achieve greater success and more balance in their lives.

Creativity, Productivity, and Performance
Learn the principles for solution oriented problem solving; discover the role of perception and attitude in developing creativity and improving performance; and experience techniques for enhancing creativity.

Reducing Stress is an Inside Job
This program helps employees get and stay healthier.  Healthier employees mean lower insurance costs, fewer sick days, and increased productivity.

Creating a Legacy for the Future
This unique program looks to the long term to set goals that really make a difference.

Wisdom of the Ages, from the Land of Oz and Beyond
This fun, informative and inspirational presentation works well as a keynote, break-out, banquet talk or spousal program. It is very versatile and can be customized for business and association meetings, as well as for schools, churches and community groups.






"Phenomenal! This workshop exceeded my expectations. If you are not getting the results you want in your life, join Rick and Patricia's workshop. You'll take a quantum leap forward. -Sandra Frick, Hilton Head Island, SC

"I have taken several training workshops given by Success Strategies with Dr. Patricia Crane and Rick Nichols. Their presentations are always very professional and the materials provided give you a step by step approach in a written dialog format. Easy to follow, easy to use.
You will leave being fully prepared and excited to lead your own workshop or seminar!

Roberta Wojcik
Customer & Financial Services Representative, IL.